Wimpy in Kings Lynn, breakfast time. Showboat Amusements, Kings Lynn


After having a lazy Tuesday, apart from ordering a new pair glasses - too much staring at screens I guess, and having a great Mexician meal at Pedro's, a plan was formed for Wednesday. And the winner was... Kings Lynn. The place of my birth and somewhere that hold fond memories for me. I hadn't been there for many years so was looking forward to my adventure.

The journey was taken on the X1 coach which was heading for Peterborough and left at 9am. The journey took 2 hours but I had some great 80's tracks on my phone so the time went pretty quickly. I just had to add at this point (and I am sure the photo's will back me up) that it was pretty rubbish weather again... including the dreaded rain (I had a feeling that it was following me!!). After a quick breakfast in Wimpy (quite retro in it's own right), I embarked on my wanderings. The local GameStation held little surprise (how come every retro shop I visit had the same football games on the same machines?). No worries though, I had brought my camera and intended to grab the essence of Kings Lynn in pictures (the town has some amazing old buildings, including a church with two towers).

Kings Lynn had two 'arcades', both run by the same company. I did pop my head around the door of the first one but it was fruit machines only. Although I didn't manage to find any retro gaming items, I did purchase a few 'retro' films. HMV was having a sale so I treated myself to ET, Gremlins 1 & 2, and Scarface in a 3 DVD's for £20 deal. And before anybody tries to be clever and tell me there was four items listed, the Gremlins movies counted as one. And so the rest of the day was spent taking photographs.

Unfortunately Kings Lynn isn't a great place for retro game fans. I ended the day back at Norwich with a superb meal at Frankie & Benny's down at the Riverside (and the service was impressive too!!).


Original article by Gary - September 2007 (revised April 2015)