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It's been a long time since the links page worked so here a few of the great websites that we had on v1 of the site. Over the next few weeks we will add more and if you would like your website or blog featured here, please get in contact via the 'Contact Us' link as the bottom of the page.


Area 99 - A nice little site covering everything to do with the Texas Ti99/4a. Hasn't been updated for a while but still contains much information regarding the computer, it's games and even covers emulation. If you are fond of the '99, this is the place to visit.

ASMA (Atari SAP Music Archive) - If you yearn to hear your favourite Pokey tunes from Atari 8-bit games, this is the site for you. Not only does it contain various players and plug-ins for a wide variety of platforms (including the Amiga, Atari ST, and, Dreamcast), it also has a massive archive of SAP chip-tunes that can be downloaded. The archive contains mainly tunes from commercial releases and well as some truly amazing pieces from artists that still produce music for the Atari sound chip. - Really impressive looking site covering all things Atari. Makes up for in eye-candy and nice quotes, what it lacks in detail. Also has a forum and a blog. Nice.

AtariAge - What else needs to be said about this long-running Atari-centric website. It's an absolutely massive site and is the go-to site for all things Atari and other retro gaming items. It has a thriving forum and on-line store for picking up home-brew and original games, parts, and new adapters and interfaces.

AtariMania - Another great site dedicated to Atari hardware, from the VCS to the Falcon / TT as well as arcade games. Lots of information about the games for each systems as well as download links so you can enjoy these classics on your favourite emulator. I have used this site many times for research on my articles. Not to be missed. - A mammoth resource for everything Atari. Not only does it have a huge amount of content hosted on it's own site and but also hosted a number of sub-domains which compliment the main site.

C64.COM - Nice looking website by Andreas Wallstrom. Contains a wealth of information and reviews on many C64 games and download links. There are a number of interviews and even a link for their own SID music archive. - Firstly, this site has to be on the list soley for fact it is structed to emulate the great Amiga Workbend 1.3 desktop (use the scanline option for the full effect). But to be honest it's a pretty good site anyway. It has a large collection of original chiptune file for download aswell as some great Amiga demos that can be run in windows. No updates recently but there is a lot on the site anyway.

Hyperspin - Website for the popular emulator front-end. This is the product and use for my Mame cabinet and there are some great themes and utilities that make this product and attractive and easy to use front-end with full support for arcade controllers.

Indie Retro News - The ultimate resource for details of homebrew games and other related projects. They constantly release news updates and it is a site that I use a lot, especially when preparing for our homebrew day at Norwich Games Festival.

Jamma+ - Forum site for arcade games from the early days to now. Lots of advice available from collectors and restorators. If you own or are thinking of buying an arcade cabinet, this is the place to go.

Jupiter ACE Resource Archive - Lovely site that covers in-depth information and resources on the Jupiter Ace home computer from the 80's. The hardware section is especially worth visiting as it has a lot of information on the original hardware as well as details on expansion projects.

Lemon 64 - A great all-round Commodore 64 site that covers games, music, reviews, and a busy forum.

Mame World - The ultimate place to find ANYTHING to do with Mame emulator. Covers Mame versions, front-end, artwork files, ROM managers, and a host of additional hosted sites that really does cover it all. Whether you're updating an existing installation or starting from stratch, this is where you need to be.

Mattel Aquarius Home Computer page - A great site that covers all things to with the Mattel Aquarius. Doesn't look like it has been updated since 2012 but there are many great images, technical information, and links. Martin also includes his large collection of hardware and games on his site. Very impressive. - Large and active website that covers everything to do with the MSX family of computers. Home-brew, forum, articles, and even an on-line MSX music player. Great site helping to keep the MSX development alive.

Museum Of Obsolete Media - A fascinating website that contains, as the title states, a large amount of information about obsolete media. Whether it it audio, video, data, or film based, there are many items covered. A bit of a curio, but many of us of a certain age will find much to interest us on this site.

Neogeo For Life - Large website covering everything Neo Geo. Consoles, Games, Wallpaper, Forums, and more. Some sections of the site require the creation of a user-name but overall a great site for a great family of systems.

Norwich Games Festival - The main site for the annual gaming extravaganza based at The Forum in Norwich city centre. If you plan to visit this great event, this is the place to go to check out what to expect.

Planet Harriers Blog - Nice blog site run by Jason Harrison, containing stories and images from his travels around arcades. Wide coverage of many of the existing arcades in Norfolk. Well worth checking out for his arcade cabinet images and videos.

Play Vectrex - A great website which mainly covers the technical side of the Vectrex. Great resource if you are trying to repair one and lots of other hardware projects. Limited information about games, but this is all about the hardware. Totally unique.

Remix.Kwed.Org - The best place to grab the latest C64 remixes, with new tunes being made available every couple of weeks. If you like the music heard on Slayradio, this is the place to go.

Sega8Bit - Subtitled as 'A Master System Fan Site', the website is massive and contains many sections, including hardware, software, reviews, fan art, emulation, and so much more. If you had a Master System or just want to learn more about this great console from Sega, take a look.

Sega Retro - Great site covering all things Sega, from the earliest consoles to new arcade games and everything in-between. The games section is particularly impressive, with a wealth of information available as you drill down into the individual title. It must have taken them ages.

Sega Saturn UK - Nice site with lots of information about the Saturn. Community based with a large forum.

Sell My Retro - A great to find a large selection of machines, software, and parts for a wide range of retro systems. I have purchased USB and SD adaptors and parts for several machines and have been very pleased with the process.

SLAY Radio - Non-stop C64 remixes and live shows including the famous 'Bozzy and the Bint'. Listen live or download many of the shows for enjoying offline. You can also request songs on some of the shows. Tune in and bask in the warmth of musical heaven.

Slipstream - A great site that contains a lot of information on the fabled Konix Multi-System. It has a great collection of images, video, downloads, and even an emulator. It doesn't appear to have been updated since January 2016 but this is the best (only?) site to find out all about this mythical machine from the late 80's.

Stairway To Hell - Although it stopped being updated back in 2010, this site is still contains a huge amount of information and files for the BBC Micro and Electron. If you're after game images, this is the place to go. Also has a link to a great forum at which has an active user base and is well worth a visit if you are still interested any of Acorn's machines.

Retro Gamer Magazine - Website for the awesome UK retro gaming magazine. The site contains masses of information, including details of machines, lists of the best games, a busy forum, and a blog. The site is great but if you don't already subscribe to their magazine, now is the time, a monthly does of nostalgia delivered right to your door. Stop reading this and check it out!

Retro Spares Shop - Phil Ruston's great little website that provides spare parts for several retro computers including the Spectrum, ZX81, C64, and CVic-20. I have one of his Smart Card adaptors for the Sinclair Spectrum and it's a well-built piece of kit.

The Dragon Archive - Wiki style site which must have the largest collection of Dragon information on the whole web. Large sections on hardware, software, books, and, magazines. Caters for the historic side of Dragon as well and more recent hardware projects and home-brew.

The Mushroom Kingdom - This is all about a certain plumber and his numerous games and appearances. Large site with many sections covering pretty much everything there is find about Super Mario. Covers both the 'retro' stuff as well as current games.

The PC Engine Software Bible - Great resource for all software released on the PCE. Includes reviews, version comparisons, game-play video, sprite sheets, and music. Definitely worth a look if you are fond of NEC's pint-size power-house.

The RetroBytes Portal - The place to find a great forum covering many software projects by Michael Ware (aka Flash). Also hosts a gallery section and downloads for books, magazines, and C64 games (including ones that Michael was involved in). A nice site and one that I really need to visit more often.

UK VAC - Another forum that focuses on arcade collecting. This is the UK Video Arcade Collectors site and is a good place to get advice and help from many arcade collectors in the UK. Very helpful members and a great place to go if need advice.

World Of Spectrum - Massive website that covers all things Sinclair Spectrum related. Doesn't look like it has been updated since July 2016 but this site has a huge collection of games to download as well images of cassette inlays, booklets, advertisements, and even game maps.

ZX81 Stuff - Nice site dedicated to the ZX81. The java emulator allows you to play games online and each game has a lot of additional infromation listed. The Doomdark's Revenge loading screen made out of Hama beads is very impressive.


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